Sunset over Emerald The Friends were formed in November of 2000 and were incorporated as a non profitable organisation soon after. From an original group of about 40 we still have about 10 active members from the Emerald Community who are naturally strong supporters of the park.

We have an executive consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. We have a Committee who are seeking suitable Grants to finance projects that are approved by the Council as Managers of the park.

Hebe Hedge We meet up to three times per month for working bees in the park to achieve our aims. Removal of overgrown vegetation weeds and other debris, replanting, trimming, mulching and general tidying. Garden beds creeks and weed infested areas have all been attended as required.

Difficult areas requiring additional manpower are handled by grants allowing Contract labor to be employed. Several FELP grants are current for this purpose with specific targeting along Wattle Creek and Wishing Well Creek.

Park Cafe Kiosk To the Capital Grants, we add our volunteer effort, so making a greater contribution to improving the park. The aim is to increase visitor numbers that are important to the viability of the parks private operators that provide that extra quality of visitor experience and much additional support for its upkeep.

We love to bring friends along and encourage everyone to visit our park. Have a BBQ lunch, coffee at the Kiosk, just relax and enjoy the surroundings, or go for a walk!