Murals Path In 2002 our Grants Committeee planned to run a path from the Murals up to Royal Parade.   This was our first major project and has been most successful.

The path is robust and low maintenance, it is well used by school children, walkers and visitors.   Most of all it invites walkers into our park and is directed to - from public transport.

We continue to apply for Grants for other projects and these now total more than $38,000.   Richies IGA community benefits scheme has been a supporter.   Emerald Lake Kiosk is also a sponsor of our group.

Murals Path The garden beds were neglected, overgrown and unsightly at the time of our incorporation. Today after much removal, replanting and care they are much more attractive, less cluttered and well maintained. Our park Rangers also are engaged, actively participate and support us.

Our working bees have achieved much to improve the appearance of our park.   A number of weeds have been targeted over the years with notable success in reducing their impact.   Planting, weeding and mulching is a regular agenda, we have three working bees per month totalling 590 man hours last year..

Murals Path Our activities have stimulated greater focus on the park by council and councillors who support us.   The advisory Committee, was set up following a meeting between FELP, senior council staff and a Councillor.   This was to improve communication between Council, FELP - Emerald Community and other stake holders, it continues to meet regularly.

Our original park web site and leaflet production has been taken up by Council.   We continue to publicise the park through this web site and produce an occasional newsletter to keep all informed of what's happening and what we are doing.   We value our parks operator businesses and hope they are able to continue to support the park.