Hardhead Duck White Faced Heron The Hardhead Duck, left can be seen occasionally on Lake Treganowan. A large wild flock first settled on the lake in 2007, formed an armarda and sailed up and down for most of the day before flying off.   They returned the following season in smaller numbers with similar behavior. With more frequent visits since, one bird remained, happy with the local black ducks as companions, but not with the approach of visitors.

A White Faced Heron on the right, usually a sole visitor of both the main lake and lake Nobelius, it only stays for a day or two around October.

Welcome Swallow Cormorant with fish The Welcome Swallows at left began to arrive in recent times to nest under the main footbridge, they continue to arrive yearly around September. These little birds fly at high speed over lake Treganowan while catching insects with great skill.

The Cormorant at right was lucky enough to catch a fish, however it was having trouble swallowing this one so released it underwater to get a better grip. Then to the edge of the lake to sit and dry out while digesting a hefty meal.

Kookaburra Sulfurcrested Cockatoo Butcherbirds like at left, nest in the park and can be seen occasionally. Unlike Kookaburra's they do seem to move around from season to season so you may be surprised to find them in your garden. They compete fiercely for their new territory, chasing blackbirds and other grub fossickers.

The Sulfurcrested Cockato is seen here at right, in one of its favourite trees in our park. They love to snip off fruit, nuts and twigs to drop on the other birds below. They group in large flocks and screech with a deafening call while soaring around and perching in the trees of the park.