Black Duck Purple Swamp Hen The Black Duck, left is very common in Victoria.   Our breed are so domesticated that they beg for food from visitors.   Otherwise they use their beak to filter grubs and worms from the lake bottom in the shallows.

The Purple Swamp Hen on the right, have multiplied from a single couple that flew in around 1998, when their reed habitat began to grow and spread in the silted lake.

Australian Grieb Speckled WoodDuck The Australian Grieb at left is a more recent inhabitant of the park, a timid little duck, first arrived about 1999 and soon a partner joined it. They bred cautiously a season or two later, one chick carried on a parents back. In the 2010 season they had four young from 6 eggs. By Sept. 2011 a sole Grieb awaits a partner at the lake.

The speckled wood duck right, is also very common in Victoria.   These pair for life and are dedicated parents.   They often have eight chicks and keep them closely guarded.

Kookaburra Coot Laughing Kookaburras have a small well defined territory and are keen watchers of the friends working in the park.   They can spot a worm from a high branch and swoop down for a meal, skillfully removing the whole thing before it dissapears down its hole.

The Coot with her young on the right also like to nest in the reeds.   Again although relative latecomers to the park they have multiplied profusely.   They tend to be aggressive towards the other species, perhaps thats why they are Coots?