The Friends reached their 10th aniversary year in 2010. From 2001 to 2007 we have published 29 newsletters, originally a monthly, to inform members and other readers of what was happening in the park.

By publishing our Working Bee dates, in our newsletter we hoped to encourage new members, I'm sure many were going to do so but found life just too busy. Meanwhile our group of dedicated members have kept the show going. For now please see the "Dates Schedule" web page, remember any new members or helpers for any WBee morning, are very welcome.

Other news and activities as well as observations of the flora that change with the seasons have produced a history of annual events. This is fortunate for many of the colourful trees and shrubs have been removed for reasons of safety or otherwise. The record of fauna and birds that visit, have young and or remain throught the year show a steady and continuing growth. Often we included recollections of the past by long term local residents, early visitors and other enthusiasts of the park.

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Vegetation Management Plan.

To keep you up to date with events in the park for 2012 we will be adding a blog to cover the progress on the Emerald Lake Park Vegetation Management Plan. This Vegetation Plan began in July 2010 has now been accelerated from the original "10 year Strategy" to a 4 year Plan.

This new plan was made possible by the Friends of ELP's aquisition of a $600,000 Grant from the Victorian State Government for this purpose. The Grant an election promise by SMP. Brad Battin and (the then) shadow environment minister. The Grant will be administered in 4 x $150,000 per year in bi-annual steps as progress is achieved. See...Vegetation Management Plan BLOG

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