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ISSUE 26 Dec 04/04 to Sept 05.
If you have any stories of historical interest or any items relevant to our park, please give me a call or send them in - Bill Whitbourn.

It's quite a while since the last newsletter so I am updating for the last year of FELP activity.   We are now close to completing our 5th year of activity.   Regular working bees have continued and this year we have added much to our many achievements.
  Following the Weed Buster working bee of last year, we began a $2000.00 tree and shrub planting planting project, 50% funded by a Shire Grant.   Progressively we have planted many Native shrubs and grasses, Manna gums and Cherry trees etc. This project is now close to completion and our thanks go to organizer Sheila, the Shire, Parks Officers, WBWB and FELP group Members for their co-operation, participation and hard work.

    Sheila is again busy organizing this years WBWB, and we are presently recruiting everyones help.   See details below.

    Recently we have begun to tidy up around the kiosk area. This spot is very visible from Puffing Billy and the busy station. The idea is to take advantage of this and attract patrons to the area. There is much potential for improvement, and greater use of the Barbeque and tables here will help with the viability and continuity of the Kiosk and Tea Room operation. New proprieters, Paula and Marshal Stewart are great supporters of the Park and our group, they have added improvements to the facility to combine the Tea Room with the Cafe, making it warm and cosy.

Cherry tree plantings Some of our tree plantings, Cherry Blossom.

The date is already set for this years Weed Buster working bee, Sunday the 16th October.   Please note the date, and that it follows at the end of next week!   Parents with Children are welcome, there will be prizes for their efforts. Registrations begin on the day at 9.00am adjacent to the Parks Environment Center.   Work will start at 9.15 and run to 12.00pm midday.   A barbeque will follow at the Kiosk BBQ for all participants from 12.15pm.   We would welcome any new members and or volunters for the day.   If you know of any keen helpers please invite them to come along, join the Friends or just enjoy the day.

A constant companion while rakeing leaves, is Kookaburra Jack.   I observed him tugging, full stretch at a worm that was determined to remain firmly in its hole.   Unexpectedly Jack let go and I thought, "he's given up the challenge."   But just as the last centimeter of Willy the worm was dissapearing down its burrow, Jack made his move.   In a flash he had jabbed and yanked the startled worm free then gobbled him down.   Survival of the fittest and Evolution sure are good teachers, don't you think?

Plantings near Messmate More of our Project plantings - in the Messmate area.

Finally our suggestion of more grassed areas have been heeded.   With perfect timing just before rain and a couple of warm days Richard and Russel prepared and planted the areas along lake Rd. and above poolside.   This germinated and grew with remarkable speed and has already been given a first trim by Nathan.   This should bind the soil and reduce erosion as well as being an attractive background to our wonderful park.   Summer crowds will also enjoy lazing about in these areas I'm sure.

The most rain for the last 12 months was the record of February at 234.7mm.   This was due to the 140.4mm recorded in the 24 hours to 9.00am on the 3rd.   Strangely February is the only month to exceed last years monthly falls, all others had less.

ELP Rainfall 2003/2004/2005 ELP Rainfall 2003/2004/2005

We were all pleased to hear that the Model Railway would not be closing as we feared earlier.   Bob Adam has purchased the business and is now operating the business as usual.   We wish him much success in keeping this outstanding exhibit operating and that some fresh ideas may revitalise interest and custom.   Our efforts in the gardens around the largest Model Railway in the Southern Hemisphere have improved the area immensely.

The Model Railway Gardens. Fg. Beacon Heights College Garden - planted by FELP.
working bees

Are organized in conjunction with our park officers.   Suggested areas of weed removal and work in the gardens and the park are discussed.   Peg Stonehouse, our gardening and working Bee Co-ordinator.

We completed last year working 14h. on the Model Railway Garden.   So far this year we have worked a total of 162+ hours.   Many thanks to our keen weeders, planters and gardeners for their great effort!   We are recruiting new members and below is a membership form for any person interested in joining our group.   All are welcome so come along and enjoy the company, friendship and a chat over coffee afterwards.   Attending regular working bees is not a perogative.   If you could spare just a couple of hours lending a hand, or wish to help in any other way please join us!

  NEW YEAR WORKING BEE DATES 2005 - 2hours only.

  October 2005.
      Saturday 1st.(completed)
  **Weedbuster WB and BBQ:
      Sunday 16th. 9.00am**
      Thursday 20th. 9.00am

      Saturday 5th. 9.00am
      Sunday 13th. 9.00am
      Thursday 17th. 9.00am

      Saturday 3rd. 9.00am.
  *11.30am Annual Gather.*

  January. 2006.
      New Years Day
      Sunday 8th. 9.00am
      Thursday 19th. 9.00pm

      Saturday 4th. 9.00am
      Sunday 12th. 9.00am
      Thursday 16th. 9.00pm

      Saturday 4th. 9.00am
      Sunday 12th. 9.00am
      Thursday 16th. 9.00pm

*An informal gathering will be held on the 3rd December at 11.30pm in the Cafe Tea Room when a light lunch will be served!*

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