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ISSUE 28 Feb. 07 to May 07.
We invite you to submit any items of news about the park before the end of August for the next issue.

It rained today (4th June) during the official presentation by Member for Gembrook Tammy Lobato of $60,000 support for the Emerald Lake Park Play Space Project. The project, with a total estimated cost of $100,000 has gained the State Government Funding with a Council contribution of $40,000. The presentation was attended by Councilors Bill Ronald, Ed Chatwin, Graeme Legge with council representatives that had made the application through Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs as part of the Community Facility Funding Program.

The play space will be developed adjacent to the wading pool, and will incorporate a playground and other play features designed for older children and early teenagers in the 7-14 age range and will become a significant new feature for the Park and a major play space for older children and junior teenagers in the hills area of the Shire. Thanks to Tammy Lobato, Cr. Ed Chatwin and all who played a part in gaining this much needed funding, well done!

The strong winds of Tuesday 29th May caused quite a bit of damage in the park with many trees down and telephone lines cut and out of service until after midday today. Some of the trees have been cleared from tracks but much work remains to be done. Again it is difficult to understand why park staff levels should be reduced in winter, this is always the busiest time of the year. The friends have been doing what they can by raking leaves and clearing sticks and debris where possible.

Preparations for next season, and new facilities have been made by the removal of the old playground and the old water slide - finally! The friends will be looking forward to any new planting in this area when it is reformed. Any new members that would like to join us and take part will be most welcome.

Lakeside Car Park May 01st the Calendar Maple.

In spite of the varying weather, drought and a poor year in 2005, this Maple continues to erupt in full color on the 1st of May.   Last year, possibly due to exceptional rain in April this show peaked only a couple of days earlier.

A careless driver travelling at speed along the park entrance road towards the main rail crossing was witnessed at distance by a following operator driver and subsequently several dead Black Ducks were discovered on the road.   Unfortunately the offending driver was not confronted due to the lack of evidence attaching his car with the event. Drivers are asked to observe the speed signs as the park wildlife is particularly tame and undisturbed by the presence of people and vehicles.

Messmate Shelter garden Quality Produce Market.

The final Market for the season scheduled for Sunday 20th. May was unfortunately cancelled due to the poor weather forecast. Appologies to those clients that were dissapointed.   The Markets, held on the third Sunday in the Month have been successful in attracting many new clients to the park. Most were well attended as seen in the pic. above. An invitation for any quality produce stall holders that would like to join the new season in August - September is open currently.

ELP Rainfall 2003/2004/2005/2006 RAIN FALL CHART
The chart above shows the comparative rainfall for the last five years.   The park recieved almost average rain for the Month of May.   According to the weather man 95 millimeters is average for the Ranges in May. The very poor falls in February and April have severely compromised this years expectations. Hopefully we will have better luck in the remaining months to December.

Lakeside Car Park

Over the last few years as a matter of inexpert interest, I have been taking regular measurements of a particular Pin Oak circumference.   It may interest local tree growers to know the results.   in the last two years the rate of growth has been identical, 8.1cm change in circumference or an increase of 2.6cm in diameter, that's more than an inch. Maximum growth is between 1st October to 1st of April the following year, the remaining months is static with even a slight shrinkage in April?

Pleasing Result Magic Mushroom 30th April 2007.

Fungi appeared a little later this year, and this particular specimen was still suffering from a thirst so it curled up and captured the rain.   This variety are found prolifically in the park, especially under the Indian Cedar and other exotic connifers.   I am told by those who know, that there are several hundred species of mushroom and fungi in the area and many native species that have yet to be named.   Enthusiasts are photographing these and after confirmation from the appropriate people are given Australian names.   Some species have been confused with similar looking European species and have been incorrectly identified in the past, and have been renamed.

working bees

Are organized in conjunction with our park officers who cleared and prepared many areas for the replanting of the gardens. The selection of plants for the park are discussed with the group prior to purchase.

It is gratifying to see some of our trees (Manna Gums) planted along the creek doing so well.   A few were lost to vandals and other atrition.   The friends have been spending time clearing leaves from areas the grassed areas to pevent the killing off of this amenity.   Gutters are also blocked with this material and we have done our best to clear this up.   We have taken steps to increase our regular IGA contributions and would appreciate the help of anyone prepared to collect a Community Benefit Card from the Kiosk. Funding help is required to replace tree loss for future generations any help would be welcomed.

  OUR WORKING BEE DATES 2007 - 2hours only.

      Saturday 5th. 9.00am.
      Thursday 17th 9.00am
      Sunday 20th. 9.00am

  June. 2007.
      Saturday 2nd 9.00am
      Sunday 10th. 9.00am
      Thursday 21th. 9.00pm

      Saturday 7th. 9.00am
      Sunday 15th. 9.00am
      Thursday 19th. 9.00pm

      Saturday 4th. 9.00am
      Sunday 12th. 9.00am
      Thursday 16th. 9.00pm

  September 2007.
      Saturday 1st.
      Sunday 9th. 9.00am
      Thursday 20th. 9.00am

      Saturday 6th. 9.00am
      Sunday 14th. 9.00am
      Thursday 18th. 9.00am

A preliminary meet will be held on the 7th July at 11.00pm in the Cafe Tea Room to determine the date of the next meeting.

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