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ISSUE No 29 - July 07 to October. 07.
We invite you to submit any items of news about the park before the end of November for the next issue.

Complimenting the friends work in the park are the infrastructure improvements being undertaken under the guidance of Steven Medo. The area free of both waterslides is being cleaned up, the grass restored and made ready for the warm season.   The old water tanks that were above the waterslide toilet have been removed, and one waterslide pool removed and filled in.   This will be the site of another picnic table. Some stumps, tree removals and trimming have opened up the view highlighting the remaining ornamentals. Thanks to Steve and staff, who are putting the stategy into action.

The federal Member Jason Woods is believed to be working hard to get the $600,000 Grant approved for major works in the park. The $60,000 from the State Govenment is committed and some work has already been done in preparation for the new teenage amusement facility.

The friends are as busy as ever! A new tranch of plantings have been added to the Messmate area and Poolside gardens. Plenty of clean ups to assist staff in the Ryberg Amphitheatre and Cafe - Kiosk areas. Weed-buster week activities 6th - 13th October, were successful with an area of Cestrum removed from the wishing well area. A group from Emerald Primary School joined the friends in their war on weeds. Thanks to teacher Rosemary Hogan and the Children for their generous help. All had fun and plenty of weeds were removed!

Early in August this bird appeared in the park.   Most probably dumped, presumed unwanted by it's former owner - not nice.   Initially timid as would hide under the hybrid oak near the old waterslide bridge.   So far has avoided capture and seems to has settled in for the duration.   Plucka" has become quite popular and is well fed by almost everyone.   He has a deformed wing but this does not cause him any discomfort.   He has a friendly disposition and Waggles his tail like a dog when approached. Plucka Duck "Plucka" the friendly duck. Sept. 07


On the 6th of September a family of Wood Ducks with ten ducklings were spotted entering the main lake near the Kiosk crossover. Since that event many more batches have appeared, one family began with 16 but seemed to collect other strays and ended up with twenty at one stage. The ducklings of this species grow very quickly, perhaps as a result of their foraging behavior and are currently almost as big as the adults.

The market resumed again on the 16th of September after being closed down for a few months over Winter. The October event was plagued by wind and some packed up and left early. Unfortunately our park is now more prone to wind and the heat of the sun as a result of the removal of trees and foliage. However the park is looking much neater and we look forward to the new growth and improved situation in future.

Just prior to the school holidays approx 700 trout were put into the main lake by Fisheries Vic. Another 400 medium sized brown trout were put in recently and among them was a large specimen measuring at least 18 inches (45cm) in length. This should provide some incentive and plenty of fish for our keen anglers. Basket of Trout

The old Water Bore has been made good use of by adding quite a bit of plumbing to the park. The additional outlets allow for watering the grass etc. and already has made a great contribution to the restoration of lawn near the pool. This popular area has had some replanting and is looking good for the new season.

While investment in our park has never been higher it seems that some requests from our community and the friends cause a counter responce from council managers. The bridge near the Kiosk has been boarded up for three years, constant requests for it's repair have been ignored. Recently the boarding up of the bridge was seen as somehow insufficient and so additional constructions and tapes were used to make this part of our park a complete and utter eyesore. What do we need to do to get a rational responce here?


The Yunan Poplar in the Ryberg Amphitheatre area drops quite a bit of debris along with leaf fall, causing rapid deterioration of facility and surrounds. A little bit of TLC each year has improved the amenity of this area quite a bit. There are a total of 5 amphitheatres, built in 1985 by Artist and Sculptor, Jenny Saulwick as part of her Community Use Sculpture Project. They have been kept in good repair by park staff up until recently. However it seems that the deterioration rate has increased beyond their capacity to cope as needed continue to accumulate.
Hedge Replanting Ryberg Amphitheatre Sept. 07.

The Friends will be applying for a grant for advanced trees to replace many of the removals that have occurred over recent years. Council have spent many thousands to remove trees on the basis of safety to the public. It is hoped that a grant will be made available to re-populate many of the open areas that have been created. It is possible that safety has been compromised as the openness encourages unusual wind gusts in directions that the remaining mature trees have not adapted to. For instance we had three trees blown into the lake within one week in April (see below). I watched this one fall at aproxx 8:00am on the 11th from the footbridge and the wind was not all that bad. Possibly it had been weakened by overnight gusts.
Hedge Replanting Three trees lost in a week due to wind, April 07.


Following better than average falls in June and July the monthly rainfall in park surrounds has been dissapointingly below average. We will probably end the year slightly above last years total. Unfortunately the forcast seems to be for continuing drought. ELP Rainfall 2003/2004/2005/2006/2007

It was decided to replant some of the hedge with a similar variety of the better growing sections. It is hoped that this will eventually make the hedge more unifonm and spectacular. The removed plants were relocated elsewhere. A lot of work has been done in this area by the Friends and park staff. It is expected to be very popular spot for picnickers in the coming Summer season, although there is only a single BBQ facility nearby. Hedge Replanting Along the poolside wall Oct 07.

working bees

Are held every month on the First Saturday the second Sunday (Mothers day excepted) and the third Thursday. If the Sunday should fall on consecutive bee days then we skip a week to the following Sunday.

  OUR WORKING BEE DATES 2007 - 2hours only.

      Saturday 3rd. 9.00am.
      Sunday 11th. 9.00am
      Thursday 15th 9.00am

  January. 2008.
      Saturday 5th 9.00am
      Sunday 13th. 9.00am
      Thursday 17th. 9.00pm

      Saturday 1st. 9.00am
      Sunday 8th. 9.00am++
    XMAS BBQ (Kiosk)++

  February 2008.
      Saturday 2nd. 9.00am
      Sunday 10th. 9.00am
      Thursday 21st. 9.00am

This meeting will be held on the third Thursday in November at 11.00am in the Cafe Tea Room please attend this meeting. All are Welcome to attend.